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Positivity . . .

Change Your Mindset and live a Longer, Happier
& more Successful Life!

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Positivity is getting lost in todays crazy world.

Jim's keynote will deliver a Positivity Workout, that will change how you start your day!

  Jim will focus you to
"Never give up and Never Ever Quit."

How a Positive Mental Attitude can actually increase your Life Expectancy and allow you to fight stress and other related diseases.

Jim delivers on how positivity helped him become the top sales person nationally and how you can achieve your goals too!

Walk away with a personal "Positivity Score" to see how your attitude stacks up and what you might need to change.

Finally, the "6 Positivity Fundamentals" and how they will help change your life!!

Whether it's with family matters or business, having the right attitude is a difference maker.

Make Jim Sorebo your next keynote speaker  . . . and be inspired!

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About Jim



Jim’s many years in financial services has had a huge impact on the man that he has become and how he gives back to the industry that has been so good to him and his family.

Jim’s life story tells of struggle and adversity while as an entrepreneur and building a successful multi-million dollar financial services business for 25 years. He uses his vulnerability to share his passion for helping others with financial planning and dealing with “life’s unpleasant” financial questions that need to be asked.

Financial services professionals and others can gather great insight of how “doing right” for others generates unmatched positivity and gratitude, for you and those lives you impact.

“Thank you, Jim for sharing your story.

It was a message I needed to hear today.”

Alfred C. Current, III, CLU®, CLTC®

Rowley Financial Services


Jim's Talks

Talk Topics

in a Changing World

Jim's family history:

  • Father was disabled when Jim was 12 and died when he was 18 from Huntingtons disease.  A brain disease, described as a combination of ALS - Parkinsons and Dementia - it's genetic, and terminal.

  • Sister diagnosed with Huntingtons at 40 and died in a nursing home at 49.  

  • Jim lived with the possibility of Huntingtons killing him too!

  • Mother suffered from Alzheimers and spent her last 4 years in assisted living

  • Other sister was disabled from a brain aneurysm - unable to walk, talk or feed herself for 10 years and died at age 60

  • Jim sold his successful financial services company after 25 years. Nine months later he was diagnosed with cancer.


The world continues to change more quickly and dramatically than ever before. Many people get caught up in “life’s complexities” and suffer from loss of purpose in life.


Jim shares his inspirational life story of dealing with adversity in family,  success as a  business owner, sale of his business, and his personal journey with cancer and how his positivity and gratitude helped him see his way through it all!


Jim's Bio

James J. Sorebo, CLU®, is the Chief Distribution Officer, for iCover, an insuretech startup revolutionizing the insurance industry with a patent pending, 5 minute point of sale underwriting process.


Jim founded and was CEO of Four Seasons Financial Group a market leading bank and broker/dealer wholesaler of life, annuity and LTC for 25 years until selling to Highland Capital Brokerage.  He served as Senior Vice President, Business Development for Banks & Wires nationally for Highland. 

A  nationally certified continuing education sales trainer, Jim has been a featured speaker at industry trade groups like the Life Insurance and Market Research Association (LIMRA), Life Insurance Council (LIC),  bank and broker/dealer sales conferences, and insurance company conventions., Jim is a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU®).

Jim has given back  in numerous ways over his career. Having served as the President of the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies (NAILBA) Charitable Foundation, and on the NAILBA board for six years, and was Chairman in 2017.


In 2021 he was honored as a NAILBA ID Twenty Awards recipient as Independent Distribution’s most courageous visionaries, and leaders, who have made important contributions to the insurance profession.

From 2010 to 2021 Jim served on the board of directors of The Lone Survivor Foundation whose mission is restoring, empowering, and renewing hope for our veterans and their families suffering from PTSD.

Jim resides in New Jersey with his wife, Kathy, and has two daughters, Madeline and Allison. When not involved with family, Jim is often found on the golf course or enjoying a good bottle of wine with friends.


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“ Jim's presentations focus on resilience & leadership . . .

His positivity, joy and humor are contagious.

. . . . all will leave uplifted!”

Dan Labert
 Chief Executive Officer

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Positivity Partners LLC

Phone Number: 609-315-1380 


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